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Most Hit DAW Software 2024 - Which one most Music Producers use?

Updated: Jun 3

Best Overall: Pro Tools 2024.3

Pro Tools 2024.3 streamlines your workflow with seamless MIDI transfer between Pro Tools and Sibelius. Now you can design and and edit melodies with ease using the update's powerful new MIDI features. But that's not all! This update lets you experience the power of Dolby Atmos with real-time printing and monitoring capabilities. Pro Tools Sketch gets a refresh too, with detachable Melodyne and Clip Effects tabs for ultimate flexibility. Dive deeper into the world of music production with this feature-packed update from Pro Tools.

There is a proven research that Pro Tools is the industry standard for DAW software even in 2024. Set foot into any expert recording studio, and you're substantially more liable to track down Star Instruments than some other programming. Furthermore, a couple of variants prior, Eager cut off the M-Box prerequisite — which permits you to utilize the product at home with any sound connection point. It's a simple decision in the event that you're searching for all over creation programming for live instruments and sequencing.

There are two intends to browse: Star Instruments and Expert Apparatuses Extreme. you can record up to 128 tracks all the while, with capacities for up to 64 separate permanently set up inputs/yields (on the off chance that your equipment can deal with it). Taken at a blending level, the product will uphold up to 512 instrument and 1024 MIDI tracks, meaning you won't be held up regardless of how large your ventures get. There are even 120 or more reward modules included.

The Apollo Solo works best with Pro Tools. It is loaded with top-of-the-line A/D and D/A signal converters, that make your music noticeably cleaner and clearer when compared to old interfaces. On top of that, the Apollo includes UAD’s proprietary Unison technology on its input channels that allows it to accurately model the unique performance characteristics of classic analog hardware. It does this thanks to an onboard SHARC computer processor where all the UAD plugins run. Check out on Amazon for best offers.

Head over to their official released What's new page to learn more!

Best of Electronic Music Production : Ableton Suite

The Ableton Suite 8 is the XL version of Ableton Live. Suite 8 gives you all of the features in Live 8 plus sound, with a radically new library packed with beautiful sounds and a wealth of useful resources to play around. Suite 8 contains 10 Ableton instruments including synths, a sampler, electric and acoustic drums, mallets, numerous sampled instruments and the new, reworked operator.

Additionally, 3 percussion libraries are included and all the instruments integrate perfectly into Live's work-flow with intuitive user interfaces. They also include a wide range of expertly programmed presets, while providing extensive controls for users to create their very own sounds.

Best of workflow : Cubase 13 pro

Cubase 13 elements critical new highlights and work process improvements in 2024 which make forming, recording, and blending music much more innovatively fulfilling. From worked on MIDI Far off incorporation and further developed altering instruments to improved sound to-MIDI and new impacts, Cubase 12 will rejuvenate your inventive thoughts preferred - and quicker - over ever.

Cubase has included support for external MIDI controllers for a very long time. Some of the previous features remain as legacy options, but the new MIDI Control Surface Editor and the associated Mapping Assistant, both accessed via a dedicated tab within the Project window's Lower Zone, represent a considerable revamp. Preset configurations are included for a small number of popular controller devices, but a key aim of the new system is to make it easy for users to create their own preset for whatever controller device (or devices; the system support simultaneous use of multiple controllers) they have connected. Download here


  • A whole stream of really useful workflow enhancements.

  • Excellent new creative additions including Verve, FX Modulator and Raiser.

  • No dongle required.

Best of Mixing


Reaper, i.e., Rapid Environment for Audio production, engineering, and recording, is built by WinAmp audio player.

It is serving the requirements of expert performers and specialist engineers. It is the go-to instrument for specialists to meet their DAW needs. It is solely intended for creation and following and is an optimal decision to be utilized by individuals who need to make music at home. Numerous local impact modules are utilized for dominating and following. It upholds outsider modules like VST, VST3, JS, DX, etc. The customization choices settle on the primary decision of sound designers to involve it in the advanced world. The macros, customization of the UI, and console orders making it simpler for the specialists to use to instrument according to their style and work process.


  • All-in-tool for recording the audio, mixing and mastering

  • Easy to customize

  • Light memory footprint

Logic Pro X

It is a beginner and budget-friendly DAW tool that allows you to compose and produce rich music. You can also do the mixing of the soundtracks effortlessly using this tool. The stock plugins that you get with this tool are the best and allow you to create great recordings in a matter of a few seconds. You can correct the pitch of the music by integrating with the guitar amp emulation plugins. The recording and audio editing strength of the tool make it useful in professional studios. It can be used by beginners and recording vets.


  • Smart tempo will match the timing of the soundtracks

  • Compatible with different plugins to explore creative effects

  • Use drummers to add jazz feel


When you learn to use the best DAW for recording and mixing, it becomes easier for you to compose the music that is rich and sounds like a professional. Without wasting your money and efforts anymore, you can use the best DAW tool while you are writing, composing, or mixing the musical tracks either in your home studio or the professional environment.

If you want to record the best music or edit any track, then there is no other better tool than using one of the DAW tools mentioned above.


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