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AI infused Guitar?

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Lets get to know some cool facts about this amazing guitar of 21st Century.

Sensy Guitar is a sensor guitar designed by Dmitri, who wanted to learn to play guitar. Sensors on the neck perceive pressure and sensors on the deck answer tendency, and subsequently feel like genuine strings. Sensors additionally feel the strength of your strikes. The harder you hit the stronger the guitar sounds. The guitar upholds progressive ways of playing including vibrato,tapping,sliding,etc.

Are you someone who has never played a guitar before?

No problem! Sensy AI infused Guitar got your back. The tech offers a wide variety of guided positions on the LEDed fretboard which can be synced with the mobile App for additional tabs. Also, you can play along with a preloaded tracks to enjoy Karaoke style playing.

Sensy guitar in action
Sensy Guitar

Hidden Features:

1. You can connect it to your iPhone because it has Garage band and with this application this guitar rocks. Of Course you can connect this guitar with the DAW of your choice.

2. It also features a Gyro sensor which engages the accelerometer so you can make pitch bend with motion and movements.

3. You can connect the guitar with an output unit just like plugin any other device to your music system and immediately you can start your very own concert may be at an office party or simple practicing at home.

4. The soundboard strings with touch-detection and detection of the deflection degree while playing the notes so there is no more touching of other strings by mistake and would broaden your playing opportunities.

Free playing

This mode lets the user choose one of the instruments (an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, a piano, a ukulele, drums, etc.) and play just the way they want to. There is an opportunity to upload your own instruments in the form of sound fonts as “.sf2” files.

Tablature playing

Here you need to choose a tune out of the tablature list and run the interactive playback. The guitar uses the LEDs to light up the chord you need, and the app waits for the user to play it; only then will it light up the next chord. While doing this, it evaluates the accuracy and the speed of play.


Sensy Guitar is a very portable instrument which can be carried to anyplace you like. Just take out the sensy guitar from your backpack, unfold it in one action and wing it right away.

Dimensions when folded:


Durable battery:



12 hours of continuous operation

The guitar easily interfaces with your cellphone. PC or other gadgets through Bluetooth or USB type c. Just 8-10 ms with Bluetooth association, and essentially none with USB-C.

Here I am attaching their official Facebook page so that you can take a look and have a conversation with the team directly. Hope it helps :)

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