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X-Wheel of Fortune II is an integrated, partly algorithmic VSTi music system for creating tracks based on 5 instruments-parts: Pad 1 synthesizer, Pad 2 synthesizer, Bass synthesizer, Perc1 (HiHat) and Perc2 (various percussion instruments). Each patch/preset is actually a complete musical track which can be arranged quite easy by means of the inbuilt sequencers, 12 different musical scales and harmonical steps within these scales. X-WoF II (for short) could also have a subtitle like 'Easy Track Creator' or so.


This music system will be useful for all types of electronic music esp. ambient or experimental and as there is a harmonical structure you can also use it to jam along even in live situations.


There are 32 editable presets/patches available which will take you more than three hours when listening from 1st to end of last one

X-Wheel of Fortune II

SKU: 284215376135191
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